“My Souls mission is to help those who are ready to ascend and be their most authentic self.

While holding space with love and understanding, I help provide the tools for you to take on your own journey of healing, self discovery an spiritual growth”


Meet Lindsey, creator and founder of La Lune Healing. A company focused on your wellbeing. Providing guidance through your healing journey, as well as self-care items to help support and align your chakra needs.

Based in Brooklyn, NY

Lindsey is an intuitive energy worker, Usui Reiki Master, Seichim Master and is certified in multiple healing modalities such as  IET and Access Bars. Her goal is to help guide you to your best self. By holding a safe space she allows you to surrender, release and receive for the greater good of your mind, body and spirit.

While having dedicated 15 years to an intense unfulfilling design industry. She always knew there was something missing! After hitting rock bottom, Lindsey finally started looking for other modalities to help feed her soul. Such as Meditation, Breath-work and Reiki. It became very clear that the career she was pursuing was no longer the right path for her. As a result La Lune Healing was born.

It was at a very young age that Lindsey had an innate knowing and could feel other people’s energy in the physical and spiritual world. Not until later in life did Lindsey realize she could tap into her gifts as a HSP, Empath and Intuitive and be able to share her healing with others.

Certifications & Continued Learning


  • – Usui Reiki 3 Master Attunment
  • Aki Baker & Manu Del Prete
  • -Seichim Master Attunment
  • Poppy Ridley | Om Chi Reiki 
  • -Energetic Art of Womb Healing Course
  • Poppy Ridley | Om Chi Reiki
  • -Practitioner Certification 
  • Seichim Healing
  • Poppy Ridley | Om Chi Reiki 
  • -Psychic Development Intensive
  • Nelly Reznik & Manu Del Prete
  • -Earth Ascension Advanced Reiki Attunement
  • Aki Baker & Manu Del Prete


  • -Practitioner Certification 
  • Access Bars Certification – Level 1 
  • Josa Goodlife
  • -Practitioner Certification 
  • Integrated Energy Therapy (IET) – Basic 
  • Carolyn J Woodson & Ebony Medas


  • – Intuition Development with Elemental Archetypes
  • Shannon Leigh O’Neil-Loyola | Radical Reiki


  • – Practitioner Certification
  • Reiki 1 + Reiki 2 
  • Aki Baker & Manu Del Prete
  • – Aura Scanning  
  • Brian Brunius | NYC Reiki Center