Lindsey is an energy worker, certified in Reiki , IET and Access Bars. Her goal is to provide individuals who deal with any stress, pain or aliments with a natural and efficient way to relax, re-balance and to heal from within. Mind, Body and Spirit.

While having dedicated 15 years to an intense design industry. Lindsey finally started looking for other modalities to help feed her soul. Such as Meditation, Breath-work and Reiki. It became very clear that the road she was traveling on for quite sometime was taking a huge turn.

It was at a very young age that Lindsey could feel other people’s energy in the physical and spiritual world. Not until later in life did she realize that she could tap into her gifts as a HSP, Empath and Intuitive and share these gifts with others. As a result lead to La Lune Healing being born.



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“My intention is to share this wonderful gift with whomever is drawn to it. My mission is to become a clear vessel through which higher power can move for the service of others”.

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