Mystery Moon Wall Hanging Ornament


One of a kind – made to order.

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The mysteries of the moon and the unknown it holds. The pretty light in the night sky, has a very deep connection to most. But the more you dig the more mysterious is becomes.

Use This decorative art to add wonder and magic any area or space.

Made of all natural clay- (unfinished) with hand painted accent beads and textured surface

Aprox size:

Small: 2.75 W x 7 L”

Large: 3.75 W x 9 L”

*Due to the natural air drying process, this clay piece hardens as the moisture evaporates leaving a natural finish. This piece is softer and more delicate than your normal heat cured ceramic.

**Please be extra careful when handling – for decorative purposes only

***Each piece is hand made, no two are alike, irregularities only enhance the design

La Lune Healing items are handmade in Brooklyn, using all Eco Friendly materials.

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