Tarot Protection Pouch


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These special pouches allow you to carry your Deck/s safely wherever you go.

It is know that wrapping your deck in a cloth, helps to preserve and protect their energy!

Features a secure metal snap closure. And is designed to use multiple ways ( added fold over flap option for a more custom fit for any deck)

-Snap option

-Adjustable fold over flap

-Big enough to carry your deck with box. (snap option)

-Fits two standard size decks without box. (snap option)

-One deck without box ( wrap cloth around and tuck corners into flap to fit snugly)


Hand dyed with eco-friendly pigment with double layer fabric

*ADDED MAGIC: All pouches come with a Black Tourmaline crystal sewn inside for extra protection.

Product Details:
Approx Size: 6”x8”

Material: Woven Cotton/Poly Blend

**Hand wash for long lasting wear

La Lune Healing Items are handmade in Brooklyn, using all Eco Friendly materials

Additional information

Weight .5 oz
Dimensions 9 × 5 × 3 in


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