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 ” I can’t tell you how much relief she gave me when I had a session with her. I had so much pain in my right forearm from overuse and the next day I woke up completely pain free. I couldn’t believe it!” ~Adrienne

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  1. Reiki has been a life changing experience for me. Each session with Lindsey has served to energize and center me back to working on my obstacles. I’m so glad I discovered reiki with Lindsey.

    I recently purchased the third eye sleep mask and I did not expect how awesome it would work. The mask provides the perfect amount of pressure and the scent of the lavender and eucalyptus is incredibly soothing. I find myself falling asleep faster and waking up feeling energized and well rested. I plan on buying one for my mom as a gift.

  2. I recently had pain in my toe where it was beginning to affect my walking. Lindsey with calm serenity placed her hands on my foot and toe. I experienced a warmth from her hands making a real difference in how my foot and toe felt. I’ll go and recommend her to everyone.

  3. I find it hard to explain how I feel during and after my reiki work with Lindsey, it’s beyond serenity. The space she creates is calm and beautiful. Lindsey herself has such strong, peaceful energy that I guess it’s no wonder how after an hour with her you feel it all day long too. Thank you so much for your generosity, Lindsey. I highly recommend.

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