Seichim Energy Healing

Seichim ( also know as Sekhem) Meaning ‘The power of powers’, is ancient and sacred. It is an advanced form of energy healing. 

Seichim Healing its origins in Ancient Egypt / Atlantean Period. It is said to be the parent energy of all hands on healing systems. It has been shown that Seichim was practiced by the Mayan civilization in South America before being introduced to Egypt. In Egypt it was translate from hieroglyphs by the Shin Yon Buddhists, of that time and taken back to India and Japan.

Seichim is a living light energy. It works in a similar way to Reiki but operates at a much different vibration. Seichim/Sekhem carries within itself the energy of unconditional love and is very connected with the emotional heart center. Working with Seichim helps to develop and expand your heart chakra and helps to increase your ability to give and receive love. Seichim is Unconditional Love in motion and balances the energies of both the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine Energies.

How it works: Like Reiki it is also channeled by practitioners and transmitted through the practitioner’s crown, out through their hands and into a person’s body working with the chakra system. 

Benefits: Helps to work on our higher bodies to balance our mental, emotional and physical ailments. With the focus on balancing your Masculine/Feminine energies. Centered on expanding your hearts center and allows for a higher spiritual connection to self.